Our Foodbank

Here is an introduction to our foodbank.

The St Albans and District Foodbank, was established in May 2014 as a member of the Trussell Trust’s network of Foodbanks. It is supported by a wide variety of churches, community groups and individuals.

We provide emergency food for people in crisis. We help working people as well as those on benefits, from a wide range of backgrounds. When people visit the Foodbank they are given three days’ worth of food, providing them with three meals a day plus some essential non-food items such as cleaning products and toiletries.

When people come to us for help we try to get to the root cause of the ‘crisis’ and direct them to where they can obtain help to resolve the problems they are facing.

We run four foodbanks a week across the district at different times/days/locations; we would like to open a fifth foodbank in St Albans and have an area and venue already in mind. Most clients tend to use the foodbank nearest to them due to lack of transport and cost of bus fare.

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