A van to help with our work!

We are delighted to report that we have acquired a van to help us in our work. The vehicle was donated by West Herts Charity Trust Ltd who organised the purchase and generously provided the bulk of the money required

As the demands for our services increase (we have seen a 40% increase in the last 12 months) so the requirements for transporting donations & food parcels have become more significant. In light of this increase we have been finding it less appropriate to rely on our fantastic volunteers using their own cars.  The new van (a Peugeot Partner) will help us resolve this problem and enable us to transport in a safe & controlled manner. We would like to thank the West Herts Charity Trust Ltd for their kind assistance; it is most welcome and greatly appreciated.

John Mulholland and Robert Smalley are seen below receiving the keys of the van from Peter Miller of the West Herts Charity Trust Ltd.