Here is our Reverse Advent Calendar for 2023!

6th November 2023

Want to make someone’s Christmas special? Try taking part in our reverse advent calendar. All your donations will go to someone in your local area.

From 21st November, you can make daily donations of items from our list below. Make sure to pack and drop them off at your local warehouse by 15th December.

Many thanks to everyone who can donate – it means a lot to us and to the people who will be hungry this Christmas.

Foodbank Advent Calendar 2023

21 Nov


22 Nov

Long Life Fruit Juice

23 Nov

Sponge Pudding / Desserts

24 Nov

Festive Biscuit

25 Nov

UHT Milk

26 Nov

Cooking Sauce

27 Nov

Long Life Fruit Juice

28 Nov

Jam or Spread

29 Nov

UHT Milk

30 Nov

Tinned Soup

1 Dec

Long Life Fruit Juice

2 Dec

Cooking Sauce

3 Dec


4 Dec

Tinned Rice Pudding

5 Dec

Tinned Peas / Sweetcorn

6 Dec

UHT Milk

7 Dec

Christmas Chocolates / Sweets

8 Dec

Cooking Sauce

9 Dec


10 Dec

Long Life Fruit Juice

11 Dec

Tinned Soup

12 Dec

Festive Biscuits/Chocolates

13 Dec

UHT Milk

14 Dec

Cooking Sauce

15 Dec

A non perishable food item of your choice
No mince pies, please! No alcohol

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