We have so many to thank!

9th November 2021

We have so many to thank for helping us secure and move into our new premises in Redbourn.

First and foremost, Sarah Gadsden of Cantay Estates Ltd on behalf of our landlord and Art Marketing Ltd who vacated the premises for us. Both helped so much in meeting an incredibly tight timeframe with Ian at Redbourn Auto Solutions giving us the initial lead.

Also, Ruth Boulton at Debenhams Ottaway who so kindly carried out the legal process on our behalf and Alison Voyce at Taylor Walton for being available at zero notice to get a last-minute declaration sworn.

Thanks to the Small Removal Company whose team made light work of the enormous number of crates that had to be moved to Redbourn and to Jarvis Group who have been so generous in accommodating us these past few years.

Thanks also to Geoff Stilwell at Brown & Lee for his help with our move and his work in getting our survey done.

Last but not least, thanks to all our volunteers and friends who so willingly give their time and who once again rose to the occasion.

Thank you all!

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