Thank you Ocado Customers

6th August 2020

We are incredibly grateful to Ocado customers for their donations through the YOU GIVE WE GIVE scheme and to Ocado itself for its allocation of further funds to the St Albans and District Warehouse.

The demand for our help has grown substantially this year and it is difficult to predict what will be needed over the summer and beyond. However, financial donations such those from Ocado customers through YOU GIVE WE GIVE are used to purchase top up items where we run short, to run the Foodbank itself, to provide a reserve for the future and to expand the help that we provide.

Thanks to such donations we have been able to distribute complete food parcels in this difficult period and to very significantly increase the number of food parcels we have provided, including opening a new distribution centre, extending our links with local schools and forging a new link with the Sopwell Community Trust. In these very uncertain times, we have also, we hope, put ourselves in a position to deal with any future fluctuations in need and on a secure financial footing. Many thanks again for your continued support.

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